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Spanish Curriculum: Program Overview




Our Spanish Program sets us apart from other centers. The unique curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate for young learners. We teach children through a variety of activities that capture their attention while enhancing their overall academic experience at Sarver Children's Center. Our teachers works collaboratively with our students to integrate Spanish in a way that unifies the curriculum. Children will learn:

  • Various Cultures

  • Fine Art

  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Weather

  • Verbs

  • Parts of the Body

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Basic Commands

  • Animals

  • Other Play-Based Concepts

Children engage in Spanish-infused Circle Time, Story Time, Fine Arts, and Portfolio Activities. All concepts are introduced in Spanish through songs, games, and activities. Children learn through activities using the TPR (Total Physical Response Approach) including: 

  • Clapping Games

  • Simon Says (adding a new verb every time)

  • Story Props

  • Hot Potato

  • Musical Chairs

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