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Dynamic Early Childhood Education and Childcare

Sarver Children's Center offers an innovative approach to childcare and early childhood learning for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Our young students have the opportunity to engage in dynamic, creative learning experiences with a focus on arts, academics, and culture.

Our Program features a Weekly Learning Theme that is the basis for: Fine Arts, Inquiry/Science, Literacy (ELA) and Math, and Thematic Enrichment Opportunities. We offer Full Time, Part Time, Partial Week, and Summer Pre-K and Childcare Programs. We can customize children's schedules to meet parents'/families' needs.

Classic early childhood learning experiences are interwoven with 21st century educational opportunities in our state of the art facility. Young children thrive in our dynamic learning environment. Research-based best practices are fundamental to our curriculum, including play-based approaches to learning for young children.

We provide children with exposure to an eclectic array of rich learning opportunities, including: classical music; historical and global art; nursery rhymes; and children’s literature. We offer an age appropriate STEAM curriculum that is supported by our unique Early Childhood Makerspace. Children have the opportunity to experiment, observe, invent and create through comprehensive curricular integration across the disciplines.

We value the importance of children learning with and from their peers and teachers. We strongly encourage personal communication and social interaction among our learners. We emphasize the importance of developing interpersonal skills and developing classic and contemporary cultural literacy.

We provide sophisticated learning opportunities and a caring environment that serve as foundation for deep understanding, critical thinking and a lifelong love of learning that is so important to our children’s development during their earliest academic experience.

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